Super Mario 64 HD! – Custom Character Controller Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, and for good reason! To ensure that my Customer Unity Character controller is able to meet a wide variety of use cases, I figured it would be best to create a demo character implementing the tool. I wanted to pick a character that would be reasonably complex, since I figured a simpler one wouldn’t highlight it’s features (or help me discover it’s problems) as well. To that end, I decided to base my implementation on…

Super Mario 64 cover art

The best

Super Mario 64! Aside from being one of the best games of all time and one of my personal favourites, Mario boasts a wide range of moves that would test the limits of my Character Controller. Initially, I planned to grab a Mario model from somewhere, do a couple quick animations and build a controller that would implement a fairly small subset of his moves. However, things quickly got out of hand…

Super Mario in HD

pls no c&d ninty

…and before I knew it, I had added in virtually all of the moves from the original game, a fully animated Goomba and Bob-Omb, and had begun to build an HD version of Bob-Omb Battlefield, the game’s first level.

Current progress on Bob-Omb Battlefield Redux. Got a ways to go...

Current progress on Bob-Omb Battlefield Redux. Got a ways to go…

In addition to being a huge time sink, this project is serving two purposes: demonstrating the character controller, and helping me learn the ins and outs of 3D art. The Mario model I’m using is borrowed from Mario Galaxy, but it didn’t come with bones, rigging or animations, leaving the task to me. This was made infinity easier by this terrific tutorial I found on character rigging using 3ds Max.

Super Mario, master hula-hooper

Super Mario, master hula-hooper

I plan to release the project on this page sometime in the near future, and hopefully it will help others build their projects!

Editor shot of the same scene as above. SuperCharacterController with three debug spheres enabled on Mario.

Editor shot of the same scene as above. SuperCharacterController with three debug spheres enabled on Mario.

5 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 HD! – Custom Character Controller Update

  1. Hey, awesome awesome series of posts. Was not looking forward to writing a custom controller but after reading this (and grabbing the code) its not as daunting. Do you plan to “release” (to devs at least) the mario game? If so what kind of ETA? And either way you should share the in-progress project as I’d love to play with it and develop more of it!

    • Hey Jordan,
      I plan to release the Mario project publicly to everyone once I finish Bob-Omb Battlefield, with the original plan being that this would demonstrate the power of the Super Character Controller. I’m in my final semester at school right now and it’s totally dominating my life, so the project has been on ice for the last couple months. I’ll begin work on it in mid-December and hopefully wrap it up by the end of that month. It’s really cool that you’re interested in expanding it! If it looks like Bob-Omb Battlefield is gonna take longer than expected, I’ll clean up the project (it’s a complete and total mess right now) to get a sort of baseline version out. The main reason I wanted to finish a level before doing this was to ensure a solid implementation of all the systems…building a fully functional level forces you to code things elegantly.

  2. I legitimately can’t wait for that release! I am also working on a 3D Mario style platformer, and I would love to carry this on after release as well. It all seems promising and very well made. 🙂

    • By the end of the month, hopefully! A couple days ago my laptop of 5 years at long last died. I’ve order parts for a new desktop but they could take up to a week to arrive. Hopefully once I get back to work I can finish before the end of January. Things were progressing pretty nicely, too.

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